Monday, 14 May 2012

SEED2 - Vortex of War

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4.3/5 in Google Play

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SEED2 - Vortex of War



"The quests offer a nice variety, which is refreshing for the genre."
— Touch My Apps

"There's much to relish in the amount of customisation that exists in the game and the depth that brings..."
— PocketGamer

It has been already 5 years since hero Lita deterred the conspiracy.
Lita, grown up to be a young man was spending his life hanging loose in his hometown Arsen Island as before. One change in Lita’s life is that he was appointed as school teacher as the Principal Macarina recognized his experience to go out to the continent. One light, Lita meets Canto, his teacher in a dream.
Teacher Canto orders to Lita. “Lita! Come to me right away!!! It is urgent thing!”
Lita is astonished and wakes up. Like normal, he goes to school and teaches students combat.
Battle class is so boring due to optimistic tendency of Arsen students and Lita is lonely like he becomes to be left alone. Lita decides to try to have an adventure to the continent again as the implication in a dream is in mind and born tendency of adventurer is exploded. Moizer, the first city of continent missing in a dream. Moizer they arrived at with excitement is not the one in the past of abundant and strong city any more. It was destroyed horribly to be ruined.
All continent is in war mode.


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