Friday, 8 November 2013

GSM vs GPRS vs EDGE vs 3G vs HSDPA vs HSPA+ vs 4G LTE

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Most of you have heard this words but aren't clear what these acronyms stand for ,so i decided to make a dedicated post regarding the same.

2G  aka GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications ):

  • GSM supports voice calls and data transfer (SMS) speed up to 9.6kbit/s. 
  • Today GSM networks have spread over 218 countries worldwide and it allows the international roaming capability. 

2.5G aka GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) : 
  • GPRS is a packet-based wireless communication service. 
  • It is a 2G technology network that support a download speed of up to 114Kbps.
  • Limitation of GPRS is that GPRS data cannot be sent while a voice call is in progress.

2.75 G aka EDGE(Enhanced Data GSM Evolution) :

  • GPRS and EDGE are both 2G technology but EDGE is significantly faster with a download speed of up to 384Kbps
  • EDGE is sometimes called a 2.5G network as it also has some characteristics of a 3G network but it doesn't satisfy the specification.
  •  EDGE is multiple 2G connections combined.
  • In EDGE, you might not hit desired 384Kbps consistently which depends on other users.  
  • This is shown by a E symbol next to the signal bar.

  • Introduction of 3G network made video calling and seamless streaming of video possible, with download speed of up to 3.1Mbps.
  • Here we will get a desired pipelined providing the 3G speed consistently.
  • 3G networks do not use the same radio frequencies as 2G so mobile operators must build entirely new networks and license entirely new frequencies.
  • This is shown by a 3G symbol next to the signal bar.

    3.5 G aka HSDPA(High-Speed Down-link Packet Access):
    • It is based on the 3G network and an enhancement to 3G.
    • Thus has a faster speed, download speed can be up to 14Mbps.
    • This is shown by a H symbol next to the signal bar.

    4G aka HSPA+(Evolved High-Speed Packet Access):
    • HSPA+ is an evolution HSPA(HSDPA&HSUPA).
    • It is a 4G technology that allows download at a rate of up to 168Mbps.

    4G LTE(Long Term Evolution):
    • LTE is a 4G communication standard that supports HD video streaming, download speed as high as 299.6Mbps.

    Summary :
    GPRS(114Kbps) < EGDE(368Kbps) < 3G(3.1Mbps) < HSDPA(14Mbps) < HSPA+(168Mbps) < 4G/LTE(299.6Mbps)

    Comment below which version are you currently using ?

    Saturday, 2 November 2013

    Download and install the new KiKat Launcher [Android 4.4]

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    The following features will be part of the new Launcher:
    • Transparent navigation and status bars in launcher (not in apps)
    • Google Search integrated with Google Experience
    • Left screen dedicated to Google Search
    • Google Search has a reminder button
    • Google Search’s voice input is transparent and on the bottom of the screen
    • No apparent limit on home screens
    • Infinite apps in folders
    • No widgets added from app drawer
    Android 4.4 KitKat Google Experience Launcher

    Install the new Google Experience Launcher.The apps are taken from the Factory images of Nexus 5 . Here’s what you’ll need to install:

    PreBuiltGmsCore (Google Play Services 4.0)
    Velvet (Google Search)
    GoogleHome (Google Launcher)


    Via : XDA

    Tuesday, 22 October 2013

    Install Play Store 4.4 Now [APK ]

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    Google Play Store 4.4.21 download

    After Nexus 5 leaks,the Upcoming Google Play Store also being leaked and the download link can be found below.
    Like most of the other Google Apps ,even Play Store is now upgraded with sliding navigation drawer. The upgrade is minimal and will be found in next version of Android a.k.a KitKat .

    Download: Google Play Store 4.4.21

    News Source:

    Sunday, 20 October 2013

    Google Nexus 5 Leaked In Indian Play Store for Rs 20,999

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    Google's upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone has been in the news for quite some time, with reports of its pricing and specs leaking frequently. Now it seems Google has accidentally confirmed the pricing and some details of the device on its Play Store.Now its leaked in Indian Play Store.Nexus 5 has  a price tag of Rs 20,999 which is cheaper compared to the launch price of Nexus 4 which was priced at Rs 25,999 by LG.

    As per the image spotted,it indicates that it will be availabe for pre order from 2nd November which is also date of Diwali.The phone appears to be a reworked version of LG's G2 smartphone, featuring a Snapdragon 800 chip, 2GB of RAM, and a 2,300mAh battery. It's also expected to have LTE support.

    Comment whether it will your next smartphone.

    News Source: 


    Saturday, 12 October 2013

    Become FaceBook Alpha Tester Now

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    If you want to join the alpha program, follow these steps:

    1) Join the Facebook for Android Alpha Testers Google group!forum/facebook-for-android-alpha-testers

    2) Allow alpha downloads by clicking “Become a Tester” in the Play Store (you need to join the Google Group before becoming a tester)

    3) Download Facebook from the Play Store to update your app

    4) Turn on automatic updates--we'll be updating alpha multiple times per week

    5) Report problems and give us feedback by using the "Report a Problem" menu item

    Be aware that the alpha version of the app installs over both the beta and the general release. Because of the way Google Play works, if you sign up for both pre-release programs you will receive the alpha version. If you later decide alpha is not for you and want to be back on the general release, you can stop testing by clicking "Leave the test" in the Play Store.

    Source : FaceBook


    Monday, 7 October 2013

    Samsung to unveil Galaxy Round Flexible display Next Month

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    Samsung is set to announce a curved display smartphone known as the Galaxy Round next month as reported by CNET .

    "We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October," D.J. Lee, Samsung's mobile business head of strategic marketing, said at an event launching the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.Samsung has  filed for a trademark for the Galaxy Round name itself.

    LG is also gearing up a flexible display smartphone called the G Flex as we posted earlier.

    Sunday, 6 October 2013

    Cyanogenmod Installer App Hands On

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    With CyanogenMod becoming an official company, it announced plans to push out an app that would make installing CyanogenMod easy. Now CyanogenMod gets installed to your device with just few clicks .  ROM installation was considered a tough job and there were chances of having problems. Now you just require a app from play Store and it will do rest of the job for you .
    For the Demo see the Video:

    Current Device Supported are : maguro, crespo, toro, toroplus, grouper, flo, mako, manta, skyrocket, hercules, i9100, i9300, d2att, d2spr, d2tmo, jfltexx, quincyatt, quincytmo, t0ltetmo, m7ul.

    Friday, 4 October 2013

    Use Google Now in any Language

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    This mod allows you to continue using Google Now as you're used to, but without having to compromise with your own language of choice - Whether it be Spanish, French, Swedish or any other language that is supported as of Jelly Bean(4.1 and above).This modification is done by Sletmo.
    Root is required for this. To install the modified version of Google Now, all you have to do is replace the existing system app (either Velvet.apk or GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk) with the modified version.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Download the file from below link. 
    2. Remount /system with read/write permissions
    3. Copy the apk to /system/app/Velvet.apk
    IMPORTANT - If Velvet.apk does not already exist in /system/app/ it could be having another name. If GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk is there, replace that file instead.
    4. Remount /system with read-only permissions again
    5. Install the apk as you would the normal way

    Download Link

    XDA Thread