Friday, 18 May 2012

Increase your phone battery by 20% (No app needed) !

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This post will tell you how to increase your Samsung Galaxy Y battery by 20% without any app!
Download zip files:
Skin of CWM
- If you have custom ROM battery draining problem, this tweak will not work. Search this blog for "Battery draining so fast" if you have custom ROM battery draning issue.
- First flash your original ROM on your sgy using Odin before this or it will not work. After flashing the original ROM, follow the steps below in Instructions. Then you can flash any custom ROM.
1. Download the above files directly to your SD Card.
2. Switch your phone off.
3. Boot your phone into Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up+Power Key+Home button together.
4. Select Apply update from sdcard.
5. Select
6. Select Install zip from sdcard.
7. Select Choose from sdcard.
8. Select
9. Select Yes-Comfirm install
10. Select Reboot system now.
Phone will restart.
11. Switch off your phone again and boot it into Recovery mode.
12. Select Apply update from sdcard.
13. Select
14. Select Install zip from sdcard.
15. Select Choose zip from sdcard.
16. Select
17. Select Yes-Comfirm install.
18. Select Reboot system now.
Phone will restart.
First time, your battery may discharge quickily, just take your battery out for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, re-insert it again & switch your phone on.
If you want to uninstall this tweak, follow the steps below:
1. Download any Root Explorer free version from Play Store.
2. Go to system.
3. Select etc.
4. Long tap on init.d
5. Select Open in text editor.
6. Delete the below codes:
- 01Battery_saver_sgy
- 02sgy_tweak
7. Save
8. Restart your phone.
This process is tested on my own Samsung Galaxy and is 100% working good. iGooglePlay & Techie Android are not responsible for any damage to your phone.
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