Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Backing up Samsung Galaxy Y's ROM and Android System

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Hi guys! This article will tell you how to backup your full Android System, Data & ROM. Sometimes, you have to data reset before flashing a custom ROM and flashing custom ROM or kernel sometimes also have chances of bricking of your phone.
So now, by this way you can backup your whole system.
ROOT IS REQUIRED!! Search the blog to know how to root your phone.
1. Download & Install Applanet by which you can get paid apps for free from here
2. Open Applanet which you have installed.
3. Search for ROM Manager there.
4. You'll get two search results:
- ROM Manager
-ROM Manager (Premium)
5. Install ROM Manager free version first from Applanet (not from play store).
6. After installing ROM Manager, install ROM Manager (Premium) from Applanet.
7. After installing ROM Manager (Premium), open the app.
8. In app, tap on OK or on Thanks!
9. Restart your phone.
10. Download Skin1980-cmw-gt-s5360 directly to your sdcard (not in any folder) from
11. After download, open ROM Manager free version.
12. Select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.
13. Confirm your phone model. Eg. GT-S5360 for Samsung Galaxy Y.
14. From the popup window, there will be two options: Yes , No . Select Yes.
15. Now select Backup Current ROM.
16. Give a name to your backup.
17. Press OK.
18. Your phone will boot in Stock Recovery Mode.
19. Select Apply update from sdcard.
20. Select Skin1980-cmw-gt-s5360
21. Select Backup & Restore.
22. Select Backup.
23. Backuping will start and take upto 20 minutes.
24. When backup completed, select Advanced.
25. Select Reboot into Recovery.
26. Select Reboot system now.
Phone will restart.
And your backup which includes Android System, SD card, phone data & current ROM has been created!
Tip: To view this backup, goto sdcard> select ClockworkMod> select Backup.
Now if anything goes wrong while flashing new ROM or Kernel or Android update, just follow these updates.
1. Boot your phone into ClockworkMod Recovery mode manually (skin1980-cmw-gt-s5360).
2. Select Backup and restore.
3. Select Restore.
4. Select the restore file name you have given to it (see step 15 on above).
5. Restoration will start.
6. When restored, select Reboot system now.
Phone will restart in a proper condition will the same data, android system & same ROM.
Steps are large but damn easy ;)
Warning!! I have tested this process on my sgy and 100% working and is safe & secure. If you'll follow steps correctly, then everything will go right. But if not, there are high chances of hard bricking to your phone . So follow all the steps as written as iGooglePlay is not responsible for any damage.


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