Sunday, 6 October 2013

Cyanogenmod Installer App Hands On

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With CyanogenMod becoming an official company, it announced plans to push out an app that would make installing CyanogenMod easy. Now CyanogenMod gets installed to your device with just few clicks .  ROM installation was considered a tough job and there were chances of having problems. Now you just require a app from play Store and it will do rest of the job for you .
For the Demo see the Video:

Current Device Supported are : maguro, crespo, toro, toroplus, grouper, flo, mako, manta, skyrocket, hercules, i9100, i9300, d2att, d2spr, d2tmo, jfltexx, quincyatt, quincytmo, t0ltetmo, m7ul.


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