Friday, 16 November 2012

Pimp My Rom : Ultimate App

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Pimp my Rom is an app for rooted users that will allow you to choose between a plethora of tweaks, mods, hacks, apps and features to your current ROM.

Pimp my Rom can be used on ANY Android Device, running ANY Rom



Some of the features include :

>> Build.prop Tweaks <<
- Better jpg image quality
- Better camera recording quality
- Lock launcher in memory 
- Battery savings
- Disable kernel error checking
- Dalvik VM tweaks
- Faster scrolling
- Better touch responsiveness
- Faster browsing and download speed
- Allow purgeable assets
- Reduce dialing time
- Misc 3G tweaks
- Deeper sleep
- Reduce black-screen time of the proximity sensor after a call
- Smoother video streaming
- Faster wifi connect/disconnect
- Overall smoothness improvements
- Increase the size of VM heap

>> Enable/Disable Android Features <<
- Enable hardware video acceleration
- Disable Android logger
- Enable Android logger
- Enable gpu UI rendering
- Enable HSUPA
- Enable JIT (Just In Time) Compiler for Dalvik vm
- Disable Normalized Sleeper
- Disable Gentle Fair Sleepers
- Disable New Fair Sleepers
- Enable surface dithering
- Disable Boot-Animation (doesn't work on ics and +)
- Disable usage-data sending
- Disable volume buttons wake
- Disable adb notification icon
- Buttons backlight always enabled when screen on
- 16bit Transparency

>> Multitasking <<

- Choose between 4 levels of OOM (Out Of Memory) Groupings : Low/Mid/High/Very High
- Choose between 4 levels of Minfree Low Memory Killer settings : Low/Mid/High/Very High
- Choose between 2 levels of ZRAM Compression : 64mb/128mb
- Tweak your kernel to be adapted and stable on high multitasking conditions
- Tweak your Dalvik Virtual Machine to be adapted and stable on high multitasking conditions

>> Add Features & Mods <<
- Add support for OpenVPN connections
- Install Beats Audio binaries & dsp manager for a greater sound experience
- Install Adrenaline Boost Script
- Install Sony Walkman suite : Music Player & Visualizer, Clearbass soundfx and Image Gallery & Editor
- Install Bravia Engine
- Install xLoud
- Install Touchwiz Launcher

>> GPS Configuration <<
- Choose between 79 countries + 5 continents of gps.conf files
(Having the right gps.conf file for your country is esssential for the accuracy and lock-speed of your GPS)

>> Internet Security & Stability <<Security :
- Protect yourself against SYN attacks and the DoS (Denial of Service) they cause by reinforcing your tcp/ip stacks
- Block redirects
- Block source-routing : source-routing allows one to fully trace the packets he sends, thus it can be used by blackhats to hack into your device
Stability and Speed :
-Increase queue and buffer size of all tcp sockets to make it more stable in high broadband consumption conditions
- Avoid TIME-WAIT state by re-using the Sockets in time-wait state. Reduces network memory-loading
- Various IPv4 speed improvements
- DNS tweaks for faster name resolution, thus faster connection to websites
- ppp0 interface speed tweaks



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