Thursday, 1 November 2012

[MOD] Xperia NxT MoD for All roms

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Description :

Introducing Xperia NxT MoD for GingerBREAD. This works in all roms. This MoD features all Xperia items like Mobile Bravia Engine,Icons, etc. which are ported to other GingerBread devices. I did not include Timescape UI as many devices don't support it. But I have included many Xperia items that you would like !!!

Note : This MoD is only for rooted GingerBread devices.


Features :

--> Stock Xperia S icon pack.
--> Xperia Widgets.
--> Xperia S Fonts.
--> Xperia S Launcher.
--> Xperia T Plasma Boot Animation.
--> Mobile Bravia Engine.
--> xLOUD Engine.
--> Beats Audio.
--> Beats.apk instead of DSP Manager.
--> Xperia S Audio Files.
--> Xperia SemcCalender.
--> Xperia ICS themed TrackID.
--> Xperia WallPapers.
--> Xperia S WallpaperPicker.
--> Xperia Live Wallpapers.

Xperia Widgets Included:

--> Clock Widgets.(5 clocks)
--> Digital Clock Widget
--> NxT Digital Clock Widget.
--> Smart Contacts 4x1.
--> Smart Contatcs 4x2.
--> Smart Contacts 4x4.
--> Photos & Videos widget.
--> On Off Tools Widget. (11 widgets)
--> TrackID Widget.
--> Weather Widgets.(2 widgets)

Note : You may not get all widgets. It depends on your Launcher.
Use the provided Xperia Launcher which supports all widgets.

Downloads :

--> Xperia S HERE

--> Xperia NxT HERE

Instructions :

--> Download The Files :
1) Xperia S
2) Xperia NxT
--> Go To CWM Recovery.
--> Flash The Files.
--> Reboot Device.
Note : Reboot Device After You Flash The 1st File And Then Again Go To CWM to Flash the 2nd File.

BY Ganesh Arivoli(Thread)


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