Monday, 22 October 2012

Windows 8 is here

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Windows 8 is coming on October 26. Windows 8 is set to redefine desktop computing.So is 

this going to change the world or is it  a Microsoft killer?

As for this Awesome UI ,we need touch screen ,so 

do Windows accept us to buy new Device for running Windows 8?

The Metro UI no doubt is excellent for Tablets and phone but what on Desktop without touchscreen?

The main attraction to Windows 8 is of course its striking new user interface called Metro UI . 
This is definitely the biggest change in the user experience of Windows since Windows 95.So will normal users be able to use this properly? I guess it would be diffuilt ifirst and u will kinda get bored with this UI and will definitely want to downgrade it.

So it it worth to update Windows 8.The choice totally depends on u.?


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