Sunday, 28 October 2012

JELLYBLAST V3.0.3 Update

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Flashable zip for those who could not download through OTA :


1.Audio Enhancements:

i. BEATS™ audio for Marvellous, crisp sound. ( remember to exclude it from your task killer)
ii. SONY XLOUD™ enhancement for controlling sound distortion in high sound levels.
iii. SRS WOW® HD.
iv. Dolby Digital 3D surround sound.
2. SONY CYBERSHOT™ Camera enhancements: Clearer image even after zoom and larger image size ( 100%). Adapted from Cybershot mod by Rizal Lovins.
3. Real JellyBean version image. ( Check by multiple clicking the Android Version number under Settings/About phone.
4. New wallpapers from CM10, GS3 and JellyBean. ( Thanks to Hmhadi98).
5. New GS3 lockscreen font and animation.
6. New AOKP inspired Status Bar toggles.
7. New bootanimation by Emanula, fixed by Alan.
8. New System App installer, this can be used to install apps directly to System. Useful when you want to replace System apps.
9. New ICS on-off buttons in Settings and framework.
10.Better RAM usage.
11.Fixed alarm bug.
12. Latest Jellybean Youtube and PlayStore.
13. Improved MMS app.
14. Improved Dialer app.

ROM BY AvijitGhosh82


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