Wednesday, 17 October 2012

(Video) Add ICS buttons onScreen

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Open the "Virtual" app in app drawer and do the following,
Give root permission,
1. Service Enable: on
2. Chose number of buttons: 5
3. Customize Button action: select BACK - lockscreen - HOME - lockscreen - MENU and OK
4. Lockscreen: off
5. Lock animation: off
6. Button Position on screen: Bottom
7. Orientation:. Horizontal
8. Invert Expand: off
9. Separate portrait: off
10. Button Colour: (your wish)
11. Button size: LARGE/Medium
12. Pullout button size: skip
13. Button opacity: skip
14. Pullot button opacity: skip
15. Remove pullout button: On
16. Vibration duration select: Off
17. Use proximity sensor: On (the sensor that was in addition to front speaker, beside logo SAMSUNG) 
18. Dismiss on keypress: Off,.

Credits to AvijitGhosh82


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