Monday, 3 September 2012


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Home screen


Phone and caller ID


Status Bar


Some Apps


Some Features


Rom is splitted in two parts one is the Rom and other is Google Apps I did it to resolve the issue of update them from market.

1. Download both and
2. Put them in the root of your SDcard
3. If you dont have CWM then download it also and put it on the root of your SDcard
4.First backup all your data.(optional)
5.Reboot into recovery then flash the cwm zip and get into cwm recovery and backup your current Rom.(optional)
6. Now go CWM recovery's advance option and reboot the recovery then wipe data and cache from stock recovery.
7. Flash again CWM recovery and wipe data and cache there also. :P
8. Now select install zip from SDcard and select
9. Wait till it gets installed then wipe data and cache(optional) and reboot.
10.It will take time to reboot just wait..............
11. Use the Rom for sometime play around with the settings see if everything is working or not
12. now after using it 15 mins reboot into recovery and flash and reboot
13 Installation done. 

>>>> Download links <<<<

>>>> <<<<

>>>> <<<<

After Installation settings ...(optional)
1. first you should check the cpu settings working or not
2. I have integrated the meego theme you may have it by going to launchers preferences then appearance and select Icon Packs then select built-in Meego.
3. go to launcher preferences and then Home screen then untick Noscreenindicator(portrait)(Its actually auto hide setting) then tick it again its recommended or you will have some problems with widgets.

Features (Main)..

1. Fully transparent UI with JellyBean and ICS feel.
2. Modified stock apps no third party apps at all ( just one xperia launcher)
3. Improved swipe to remove notifications
4. 6 lockscreens 
5. Stusbar tweaks + 15 toggles (EDT)
6. Features come from the kernel like governers and frequecy init.d.
7. Bravia Engine integrated
8. Fast and stable 

Features miscellaneous..
1. Fully Deodexed , Zipaligned.
2. Removed some bloatwares.
3. Extended Settings app
4. ICS like Dialer and Phone app.
5. Statusbar fully jellybean themed.
6. Transparent MMS app with skins , removed auto SMS to MMS conversion and increased recipents limit.
7. Transparent Gtalk, contacts, music app.

8. New market with wish list and no restrictions ( But you only can see the app downloading not compitible app may or may not work) (credits to original poster)
9. All google apps already updated and market update compatible.
10. Smooth scrolling through disabled scrolling cache.
11. Added init.d scripts for batter performance ( Thanks to Kurotsugi again).
12. Xperia launcher with settings and already integrated Meego Icon theme. 
13. Multiple language support.



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