Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tweaked Xperia S Home Launcher (Dock and/or Corners) for LDPI

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Only Dock:

Dock with Top Corners: (Hidden on Landscape)

Four Corners without Dock:



System Pre Reqs : HERE

Xperia S Home Launcher (Only Dock) : HERE 

Xperia S Home Launcher (Top Corners) : HERE

Xperia S Home Launcher (Four Corners no Dock) : HERE

Installation instructions for v5.1:

Before you install it, you must install in your system two dependencies files.
If you have some "com.sonyericsson.home" installed, you must uninstall it.

1 - Download the attached System_Pre_Reqs.rar and extract it´s contents on your computer
2 - With Root Explorer put the two files in their respective /system folders with permissions to rwsr-sr-x (see imgs below)


For those, who can't understand :

3 - Reboot your phone
4 - Download attached v5.1_???_Home.apk and put it on your sdcard
5 - Download attached v5.1_Home_Preferences.apk and put it on your sdcard
6 - Install both as normal apk
7 - Enjoy !

Features of v5.1 :

- New Xperia Home preferences screen (a very special thanks to ra3al for helping me)
- New dialog "Xperia Home" item to start preferences screen
- New menu "Xperia Home" item to start preferences screen
- Select between 1 to 11 home screens (panes)
- Enable/disable wallpaper scrolling
- Select home button action: Go to Default Home Screen or Open/Close App Drawer
- Enable/disable automatic screen orientation
- Enable/disable going to first pane when opening the app drawer
- Fixed fourth "Dock with Top Corners" row to receive icons/widgets in all cells
- 3 desktop rows layout
- Home restarts now will be for each preference (if needed)
- Enable/disable desktop screen indicators
- Dock icons with labels (single line)
- Fixed widgets layout sizes in landscape
- ICS Square folder
- Fixed desktop icons labels alignment



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