Thursday, 2 August 2012

Velocity Tweaks For ICB ROM

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Velocity Tweaks For  ICB ROM 

Some Of It's Features Are:
  1. Automatic Zipalign On Startup
  2. Ram Optimizes On Startup
  3. Automatic Gaming And Multitasking Switch Enabled
  4. Automatic Cache And Junk Cleanup
  5. SqLite Database Optimzer And Defragger
  6. Sd Card W/R Booster And Fixer
  7. Network TCP And 3G Tweaks
  8. Improves Battery Life Through Some Kernel Tweaks 
  9. Some Database And File Fixes
  10. System Tweaks To Improve Performance
  11. Some Lag-Free Kernel Tweaks
  12. Lots Of build.prop Tweaks 
More Features You Can Find.... (Just Posted Basic Features ]


How Do I Install This Update?

Before Installing This Update, I Am Warning You That If You Bricked Your Phone It Will Not Be Anybody's Fault! Do It At Your Own Risk!

Note: Before Installing This Update Delete The S30system_tweaks,S70sd_speed_fixer,S97ram_optimize , and S98zipalign Files In The Init.d Folder.
  1. Download This Zip 
  2. Copy Or Paste The Zip To Your SD Card
  3. Reboot To Recovery
  4. Mount Data And System
  5. Flash The Zip
  6. Unmount Data And System
  7. Reboot    ...Originally posted by SethDeCode'z


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