Saturday, 4 August 2012

[MOD] anonymous sound mod-beats style

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[MOD] Anonymous sound mod-beats style
the download links:
v.1.2   :

EDIT: if you got FC issue on the music player you can replace the music player with this one
installation guide:
1. put in your sdcard.
2. boot into recovery.
3. flash the file via CWM.

uninstall guide:
# easy method --> reflash your rom or restore your backup
# hard method --> delete everything inside this mod except system native files. I've flagged the native files with *.xxx1 extension. 


important notes:
1. if you're using stock rom, please delete music.apk and music.odex in /system/app.
2. if you have dsp manager, clear you app data and uninstall it.
3. there's a bug in the beats enhancement app. if you're using my media player don't set the dynamic range compression at maximum. 



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