Saturday, 11 August 2012

Slider Widget - Volumes

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Slider Widget - Volumes

4.6/5 in GOOGLE PLAY 






A small Widget that gives control of the screen brightness and the sound volume directly from your home screen. You can easily manage those with the widget's slider or your hardware buttons. With a double click, you can also use the buttons to toggle. Slider Widget shows 6 Categories (e.g brightness or ring volume), which you can choose from 7 categories (more below). You can also change the order of the categories displayed in Slider Widget.
Slider Widget is - primary - a Widget. So you have to add it to your home screen.
✓ Displays brightness and volumes
✓ Control screen brightness
・ or set auto brightness (on/off)
✓ Control volumes
・ ringtone
・ media
・ notification
・ alarm
・ system
・ voice call
✓ 3 input options
・ change values with the slider
・ change values with hardware (up/down - buttons)
・ use buttons with double clicking to toggle (BETA)
✓ 4 widget sizes: 1x1, 2x1, 3x1 and 4x1
✓ Position of the slider can be changed (all 4 directions)
✓ Color theme can be changed
・ green
・ ICS blue
・ yellow
・ red
・ orange
・ white
・ black
・ transparent background (on/off)
✓ Categories to show in the widget and their order can be set
✓ Indicator shows if notification and ring volumes are connected // not with honeycomb and ics
✓ more Settings like
・ notification uses ring volume (on/off) // not with honeycomb and ics
・ play confirmation sound if volume changes (on/off)
・ toggle function can be de-/activated for each category
・ ...


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