Saturday, 21 April 2012

MerrukTechnology Kernel (FASTER than overclocking )

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MerrukTechnology Kernel                        (FASTER than overclocking )

guys this kernal is made by merryk(MAroc-os) and is fastttttttttt and stable !!! xda-developers


1) systemzip  -      

2)  bootflasher-        


1.copy  zip files on ur sd card links below
2.extract system zip on sd card not in any folder !!!!
3.turn off mobile and boot into recovery
4.then go into cwm mode by flashing skingt1980 zip
5.choose install zip
6.choose frm sd card boot flasher zip
then install it and reboot u will be suprised to see its speed !!!
 after doing this u will never need  skingt zip because u will boot directly into cwm mode lol


Swap Support.

Some Bug Fixes.

Game-Port Modules.

Graphic Engine Drive

Security Patches Added.

TUN/TAP, Virtual Adapter.

Added USB CORE Support.

HID, EHCI, OHCI, Support.

VibeTunz (TM) Technology.

MERRUK Tempfs for SU Binary.

EXT2/EXT3 & EXT4/JBD2 support.

SD-EXT Support, System & Recovery.

CIFS Support. (Mount Shared Folders).

NETFILTER Compatibility with DROIDWAL.

Recouvery in Read/Write mode & [ADB Root].

BLMUNLOCK Added, & a Script to run it at boot.

INIT.D Support & Auto Create init.d in /system/etc.

BusyBox Support PreInstalled (Busybox binary in /sbin).

Root Support [ADB Root] & PreInstalled (SU binary in /sbin).

Added MFC, (MULTI FORMAT CODEC) Firmware From Samsung.

Multi-language Module Support For UTF-8 on CIFS Mount Shares.

/Cache and /Data, Can be mounted as EXT4. (/System Need's Fixes).

Add The Permanent Modded / Fixed CloclWorkMode Recovery. (V.

Mount SDCARD WITH EXT4 FS Supported (You Need to Format it With EXT4).

New J4FS SUPPORT. (We Can Mode it to have our new optimized j4fs rw filesystem).

Modules for VPN/IPSec Support. (IPsec AH, IPsec user configuration interface, IP Tunneling, )
Its ur choice do it or not, i have done tried this works perfectly for me & i am not responsible for any damage of ur phone 

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  1. Always Mention the developer name and original thread nice to see my kernel here :)