Friday, 27 April 2012


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App Screenshots:

InstaCamera believes smartphone camera apps aren’t fast enough. Instead of having users launch the app, focus on a subject, and press a button to take a picture, InstaCamera does all that for you. The moment the app is launched, it takes a picture and closes. Users can set it to stay open and take a picture every time the screen is tapped, or they can have it automatically take up to five pictures in a row. InstaCamera is useful for people who see something happening and want to take a photo immediately. 
Why is it so awesome? 
InstaCamera is perfect for when you see a bird with a stupid expression on its face and you want to post it to Reddit and get a bizillion upvotes. With a normal camera app you'd have to press about three things... by that time the owl would have resumed its look of watchful distrust, and there goes your big shot at internet fame. Nobody should have to suffer this disappointment.


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