Tuesday, 20 August 2013

[New UI] YouTube 5.0 Download

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YouTube started rolling out a big update  with the headlining feature being in-app multitasking means now you can minimize a video while searching for the video .From there, you can dismiss said video by swiping it left or right, and bringing it back to full size is accomplished by tapping the video or an upward swipe. 
Update #1: A brand new app icon which is shown above.
Update #2: The landscape UI on 7" tablets is now no longer just full-screen like it is on phones. Say hello to a fully-functional landscape tablet UI.

Update #3: At last, YouTube now honors the global auto-rotate setting and doesn't flip to landscape if auto-rotate is off. However, there's now a button in the bottom right corner of the video to force the landscape full-screen mode if you want it. I think it's the ideal solution to this previously controversial situation.

Update #4: The TV Queue UI got updated as well.

A brand new card-based UI - the app looks better than ever before and also it gives hints to upcoming Android 5.0 UI (cards based)

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image: droid life


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