Thursday, 29 August 2013

Difference Between Windows 8.1 (Blue) And Windows 8

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A preview of Windows 8.1 was released on 26th June this year.
Microsoft Final release of Windows 8.1 will be later in the calendar year.Yes, the Start button is back, but not exactly as you remember it. Price for Windows 8.1 will be a free update to Windows 8 and RT .

Windows 8 Start Button

   Microsoft has officially announced the features of Windows 8.1. Here’s a quick comparison table of what they are.

Windows 8Windows 8.1
Start buttonNoYes
Lock screen slideshowNoYes
Start MenuNoNo
Internet explorer 11NoYes
Extra large and small tilesNoYes
Use desktop background as Start screen backgroundNoYes
Slide to ShutdownNoYes
All apps screenNoYes
Shutdown and restart option in Win + X menuNoYes
Update PC SettingNoYes
Click to Call in Internet Explorer 11NoYes
Sync Start screen layout across PCsNoYes
Support for touchpad gesture out of the boxNoYes
Uninstall multi app at onceNoYes
network behavior monitoring in defenderNoYes
New Start screen partnerNoYes
Sync Internet Explorer tabs across PCsNoYes
Snap up to three apps on each screenNoYes
Calculator appNoYes
Alarm appNoYes
Outlook 2013NoYes
Reading listNoYes
New Windows StoreNoYes
New Skydrive appNoYes

I highly recommend that you apply this update when it comes out.


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