Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Upgrading to New Nexus 7 from Old nexus 7 ?

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If you already have Nexus 7 and New Nexus 7 is in yout mind then you must consider the follwinf points listed below :

The new Nexus 7 vs last year's model what's changed

Pros of New Nexus 7 as compared to Old

1. Faster GPU :  The new Nexus 7 is clocked at 1.8 GHz where as Old is clocked at 1.3 GHz

2. Twice RAM : The new Nexus 7 has 2GB RAM as compared to Old with just 1 GB RAM. 
3. Better screen:  The new Nexus 7 has Full HD resolution of 1920*1200 with 323 PPI as compared to                               old with 
just 1280*720 resolution with 216 PPI 
4. Better build quality 
5. Less wide : More pocketable.
6. HDMI 
7. More future proof
8. Will be able to get 32gb this time round
9. Camera  :Old Nexus 7 doesnt have a back camera . 

Cons :
1.  Will have 2 tabs that do 99% the same thing
2.  No OTG support
3.  No native Ubuntu support
4.  No multirom support
5.  Less community dev initially 
6.  I'm happy with my current rom setup, speed customisation etc
7.  No tegra graphics
8.  No sd card support
9.  CPU is about the same, just gpu is better in gen2
10. Would sell for very cheap
11. Mostly likely worse battery life due to smaller battery and Full HD screen.
12. Slimport costs money
13. No textured back!
14. No snapdragon 800 (or 600), so not SO future proof as Tegra has Amazing games like Real                    Boxing 


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