Sunday, 14 July 2013

Google Motorola X Fully leaked with Android 4.3 FULLY LEAKED

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We’re seeing a lot of leaks lately about the Moto X, but the recent leak are from  Canada’s Rogers Wireless shows us some Interesting features about Android Version 4.3 with hands-free voice actions. "Your Moto X is ready to listen and respond," the Rogers representative says in the video. "Talk to it, and it learns your voice." If you've been keeping score, that makes the phone Hands Free. The Holo UI is pretty much same depicting that its Android version 4.3 and not Key Lime Pie .

See the Video 

The leaked video also demonstrates an alert system called that flashes "active updates" when the phone is asleep to show which programs have notifications waiting. 
In the leaked video, Rogers notes an August release, so we should be hearing something more official from Google soon.


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