Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Infinity Rom V1..IOS Experiance

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Only for De-Odex DXLF


1.IOS experiance everywhere[in message,,browser an more.....]
2.15 toggle
3.less ram usage
4.Modded to 3 types of rom[1.S-rom with Hell-Fusion#80,2.S-rom with white 1.3.3 with new WiFi Driver by Whitexp,and S-rom without Kernel]
5.Fast boot
6.More than 20 tweaks in build prop
7.Cyanogenmod 7 theme like installing Cyanogenmod7
8.Apple BootAnimation.
10.Fast Web browsing through 3G tweaks
11.Intelligent Widgets like Jelly Bean(only on Espire Launcher)
12..and find out more yourself

Download..Anyone of these

1.Infinity S-rom V1 with Hell_Fusion#80 
2.Infinity S_rom V1 with White Kernel1.3.3 and Wifi Driver
3Infinity S-rom V1[No Kernel]


1.First you rom must be DeodexDXLF1

to get De-odex DXLF1 must have DXLF1 stock rom
2.If you have already,flash De-Odex DXLF1 rom i give above
3.Now you you have De-Odex DXLF1 rom
4.So you can Flash My Infinity S-romV1 from three of these via CWM[Clockworkmod]
5.Don't forget to mount system before flashing..




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