Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hack a game easily for unlimited coins,money etc

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here's the list of games that can be hacked using GameCIH:
-temple run
-lane splitter
-defender II
-drag racing bike edition
-kairosoft games
-zombie lane
-myth defense
-robo defense
-empire defense
-racing moto
-gun strik
-castle of shadows
-aliens invasion
-dream heights
-toy village
-Can knockdown
-Stardom: A-list
-Fruit Ninja
-Coin Dozer

1. Open gameCIH, make shortcut key ,open then minimize it by pressing home button.

2. Open the game, go to screen which there can view the amount you want to hack. example: money, coins, etc.

3. Open gameCIH by pressing the shortcut key.

4. Choose input number. type the exact amount of your money, coins, etc. done, search. you'll find many result.

5. Let it like that, minimize gameCIH by touching left tab.

6. Play your game for a while. just to change the amount of money, coins, etc.

7. Open gameCIH again, press the + button (if the amount higher than first search), or - button vice versa.
you'll see less result.
input your number, then you'll get 1 result. that's your number.
modify it as much as u like.
8. stop gameCIH, n continue your hacked game.

DOWNLOAD LINKS http://www.mediafire.com/?0y53r9igziuqj75.


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