Sunday, 17 June 2012

Apocalypse of Skyland

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Apocalypse of Skyland 

4.5/5 in Google play





Apocalypse of Skyland I


Game Introduction:
The story takes place in a fictional world, where the evil dominates the world. The world is made up of five continents. Chaos, the sealed devil, comes to life once again! Poeple have no other choice but to fight against the evil yet powerful bastard! Your energy and equips can be improved through gathering and crystallizing the source of evil. The game features over 70 game hours with multiple endings, eight possible endings to be exact. Moreover, a variety of weapons, Super Lucky Draw every day, and plenty of hidden quests await you to explore!
Game Features:
1.Weapon System - ways of attack vary based on the colors of the weapon
2.Combos Attack - combos attack can cause much severe damage
3.Weapon Functions - functions obtained by chance, more options
4.Activate Enchant - various enchant combinations with diverse functions
5.Challenge Stages - more challenge stages, more awards


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